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IT Support for Dallas / Fort Worth Businesses in the Dental Field

HIPAA Compliant,

Dental IT Support HIPAA

What You Need

You need a local IT support partner not only experienced with dental practice management technology and software, but also knowledgeable about helping your dental practice achieve and maintain HIPAA and HITECH compliance while you focus on what matters most to your business-- your patients.  With Industrious Tech Solutions as your dental practice's technical support provider, you can accomplish just that.

Want to know how serious we are about your dental practice's HIPAA compliance? Ask about our complimentary, no-obligation HIPAA compliance review to be advised of areas where your practice may be in need of policy or procedure changes in handling, transmitting, or storing your dental patients' PHI.

Cyber Threat Aware,

Dallas Dental IT Support Security

What We Can Do

We keep your dental practice safe by staying up-to-date with the constant changes happening in he realm of Cybersecurity.  With hacking, phishing, and social engineering ever on the rise, you need an IT support team that can stay ahead of the trends and make your dental staff aware of best practices to prevent a data breach.

Inquire today about our complimentary, no-obligation Cyber threat analysis to find out areas where your dental practice may be susceptible to a Cyber attack or potential data breach. Wouldn’t you like to know if your practice is vulnerable to data loss due to such risks? You owe it to your patients to find out!

Dental IT Expertise.

Dental IT Support

How We Can Help

We can help your practice by offering technology solutions that fit your dental practice's current needs and expected demands.  We have extensive knowledge of and experience with dental and orthodontic practice management software such as Dentrix, Dolphin Management, Eaglesoft, OpenDental, and Orthotrac.

Aside from our experience with dental practice management software, we also have experience setting up, supporting, and troubleshooting: X-ray equipment, imaging devices, and intraoral cameras for our clients. Our imaging software experience includes: Dexis, Dolphin Imaging, and Invivo to name a few. Contact us today to find out how we can help your dental practice.


Who We Are

Industrious Tech Solutions is a Dallas / Fort Worth and surrounding area IT support partner specializing in the dental field. We cater to dentists and orthodontists that mean business and are serious about their practice’s HIPAA compliance, keeping their patient’s sensitive data safe and secure, while at the same time maximizing their dental practice’s up-time and getting prompt support when needed.


Providing your dental practice with reliable IT support is at the core of our mission, along with the fact that we treat your business as our business. We understand the magnitude of impact that technology has on your dental business. We know that fully-functional computer systems, equipment, and network infrastructure are vital to running a profitable dental practice successfully. Let us invest in your goals so that you can achieve the desired outcome for your dental practice, contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation to see how we can go to work for you!

Dental Tools in Pocket

Services we bring to the table for your dental practice:

  • Working knowledge of achieving and maintaining HIPAA and HITECH compliance

  • Catastrophic event data backup and recovery

  • Dental software installation and support

  • PC maintenance, troubleshooting and upgrades.

  • Server/RAID maintenance and proactive drive replacement

  • Disk and e-mail encryption

  • Network infrastructure design and mapping

  • Hardware upgrades/migrations

  • Software installation, upgrading, and maintenance.

  • Mobile Device Management & support

  • Virus prevention, removal, and remediation.

Support for your dental office for when the unexpected happens:

  • Prompt Remote and On-site support when needed

  • Network outage notification

  • Server and workstation hardware and software troubleshooting and support

  • Assistance with dental specific hardware such as panos, intraoral cameras, imaging sensors, etc.

  • Business-oriented contingency. Our goal is to keep your business going!!

Our dental management and imaging software support experience includes:

  • Dentrix

  • Dexis

  • Dolphin Management & Imaging

  • OpenDental

  • Vixwin

  • Orthotrac

  • Invivo

  • Eaglesoft

Dental hardware manufacturers and vendors we have experience with:

  • Planmecca

  • Dexis

  • GenDEX

  • MouthWatch

  • Henry Schein

  • And many, many more….

Let us partner with you!

You specialize in making your patients confident in their smiles. We specialize in making dentists and orthodontists confident in our ability to help their business succeed, this makes us smile. Are you a local dentist or orthodontist practicing in the Dallas / Fort Worth or surrounding area? Contact us today and see how Industrious Tech Solutions can make you smile!

Find out More!

Please visit our about us page to find out more about Industrious Tech Solutions.  Feel free to connect with us on Instagram.  Still curious? Contact us today, we'd love to hear from you!

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